Bake at Home Range Gourmet Pastries Legend

Please note that all the Bake at Home Gourmet Pastries are frozen and so the images below look quite different to the cooked Parker Pies and Gourmet Pastry ranges. The images are simply to help you identify your frozen product. Please make sure you follow the directions on the Cooking Instructions page to enjoy a delicious meal at home.

Jolly Jumbuck

Prime juicy lamb cooked in a sensational mint and rosemary sauce

 Jolly Jumbuk LR

Beef Bourguignon

Tender chunks of beef, slowly cooked in a rich mushroom and Rutherglen Shiraz sauce

 Bobby Burns LR

Chicken, Ham & Mustard

Oven roasted chicken wrapped in smoked ham with tasty cheese and three seeded mustard

 Chicken, Ham & Mustard LR

Chicken, Bacon & Tomato

Oven roasted chicken combined with fried bacon, tasty cheese and farm fresh tomato

 Chicken, Bacon & Tomato LR

Chicken & Asparagus

Oven roasted chicken mixed with tasty cheese and a generous serve of asparagus

 Chicken & Asparagus LR

Rutherglen White

Fresh fillet chicken cooked with field mushrooms in a mega rich creamy bacon and white wine sauce

 Rutherglen White LR

Thai Curry

Fillet chicken encased with the aromatic flavours of Asia in a creamy coconut and coriander sauce

 Thai Curry LR

Buffalo Bill

Tender chunks of real buffalo cooked in a rich bacon, onion and garlic sauce

 Buffalo Bill LR


With mushrooms in a caramelised onion and red currant jelly sauce

 Kangaroo LR


Camp oven style, marinated with Rutherglen red wine, tomato, onion, potato, carrot and peas

 Emu LR


Flavoured with juniper berries and orange with local Rutherglen wine

 Venison LR


Crocodile and crab meat in a sweet chilli sauce

 Crocodile LR


A combination of fresh garden vegetables in a sweet chilli and tasty cheese sauce

 Vegetarian LR

Tiger King Prawn

Tiger king prawns cooked in a creamy coconut and coriander sauce

 Tiger King Prawn LR

Sweet Chilli Chicken & Prawn

Tiger king prawns, crab meat and chicken in a sensational sweet chilli sauce

 Sweet Chilli Chicken & Prawn LR

Parker Pie

Lean beef mince cooked the Parker Pie's way (Kids love them!)

 Parker Pie LR

Chunky Beef

Tender chunks of beef cooked the Parker Pie's way

 Chunky Beef LR

Braised Steak & Onion

Braised beef and onion cooked the Parker Pie's way

 Steak & Onion LR

Steak, Bacon & Cheese

Lean beef mince with generous amounts of bacon and tasty cheese

 Steak, Bacon & Cheese LR

Steak & Mushrooms

Tender chunks of beef with field mushrooms in a rich, creamy sauce

 Steak & Mushroom LR

Peppered Steak

Tender chunks of beef in a creamy, cracked pepper sauce

 Peppered Steak LR

Indian Beef Curry

Lean beef infused in a 'Screaming Seeds' sensation with the aromatic flavours of India

 Indian Beef Curry LR

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