Pie Legend

Parker Pie

Lean beef mince cooked the Parker Pie's way (Kids love them!)

Parker Pie LR

Chunky Beef

Tender chunks of beef cooked the Parker Pie's way

Chunky Beef LR

Braised Steak & Onion

Braised beef and onion cooked the Parker Pie's way

Steak & Onion LR

Steak, Bacon & Cheese

Lean beef mince with generous amounts of bacon and tasty cheese

Steak, Bacon & Cheese LR

Steak & Mushrooms

Tender chunks of beef with field mushrooms in a rich, creamy sauce

Steak & Mushrooms LR

Peppered Steak

Tender chunks of beef in a creamy, cracked pepper sauce

Peppered Steak LR

Indian Beef Curry

Lean beef infused in a 'Screaming Seeds' sensation with the aromatic flavours of India

Indian Beef Curry LR


A combination of meat and vegetables with a little seasoning

Pastie LR

Sausage Roll

Sausage meat with our own special seasoning

Sausage Roll LR

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