Our menu

We hope you enjoy your visit to Parker Pies in Rutherglen and enjoy a freshly baked pie, Gourmet pastry, delicious Donut or a Espresso coffee made from a blend of beans just for Parker Pies.

Gourmet to us isn`t topping your pie with onions or mushrooms it’s a different experience altogether and we guarantee you will love the richness, flavour, texture and everything else about our products.



Please note that ALL of our products that are delivered through our online store are in the GOURMET PASTRY SHAPE as pictured above



All pies and pastries also available in Ready To Bake take-away range, ORDER NOW


PARKER PIE – Lean beef mince cooked the Parker Pie way


CHUNKY BEEF  – Tender chunks of beef cooked the Parker Pie way


STEAK & ONION – Braised beef with onion flavoured the Parker Pie way


STEAK, BACON & CHEESE – Lean beef mince with generous amounts of bacon & tasty cheese


STEAK & MUSHROOMS – Tender chunks of beef with field mushrooms in a rich creamy sauce


STEAK & PEPPER  – Tender chunks of beef in a creamy cracked pepper sauce


INDIAN BEEF CURRY – Lean beef mince infused in a screaming seed sensation with aromatic flavours of India


STEAK AND KIDNEY – Tender chunks of beef, kidney & onion cooked the Parker Pie way


PASTIE – A combination of meat and vegetables with a little seasoning


SAUSAGE ROLLS – Sausage meat with our own special seasoning


JOLLY JUMBUCK  – Prime juicy lamb cooked in a sensational mint & rosemary sauce


RUTHERGLEN RED – Tender chunks of beef, slowly cooked in a rich mushroom, bacon & red wine sauce


CHICKEN, HAM & MUSTARD  – Oven roasted chicken wrapped in a smoked ham with tasty cheese & three seeded mustard


CHICKEN, BACON & TOMATO – Oven roasted chicken combined with fried bacon, tasty cheese & farm fresh tomatoes


CHICKEN & ASPARAGUS  – Oven roasted chicken mixed with tasty cheese & a generous serve of asparagus


RUTHERGLEN WHITE  – Fresh fillet chicken cooked in field mushrooms in a mega rich creamy bacon & white wine sauce


THAI CURRY  – Fresh fillet encased with the aroomatic flavours of Asia in a creamy coconut & coriander sauce


BUFFALO BILL  – Tender chunks of real buffalo cooked in a rich bacon, onion and garlic sauce


SWEET CHILLI CHICKEN & PRAWN – Tiger king prawns, crab meat and chicken in a sensational sweet chilli sauce


KANGAROO – Kangaroo with mushrooms, caramelized onion & red currant jelly sauces


EMU (B) – Camp oven style, marinated in red wine, tomato, onion, potato, carrot & peas

VENISON – Flavoured with juniper berries and orange with local Rutherglen wine


CROCODILE – Crocodile & crab meat in a sweet chilli sauce


VEGETARIAN – A combination of fresh garden vegetables in a sweet chilli & tasty cheese sauce


TIGER KING PRAWN – Tiger king prawns cooked in a creamy coconut, curry & coriander sauce


SWEET CHILLI CHICKEN & PRAWN – Tiger king prawns , crab meat and chicken in a sensational sweet chilli sauce

PIE LEGEND for bake at home range

Chunky Beef ( & Poppy Seeds on top)

Braised Steak & Onion (Line with Poppy Seeds)

Steak, Bacon & Cheese (Pastry Line across top)

Steak & Mushrooms (Sesame Seed dot on top)

Steak & Kidney (Love Heart ♥)

Peppered Steak (Cracked Pepper on top)

Indian Beef Curry Pie (Poppy Seed dot with Sesame Seeds)

Jolly Jumbuck (Rosemary on top)

Rutherglen Red (Poppy Seeds on top)

Chicken, Ham & Mustard (/// on top)

Chicken, Bacon & Tomato (O on top)

Chicken & Asparagus (>> on top)

Chicken & Veg (Sprinkled with Thyme)

Rutherglen White (Sesame Seeds on top)

Thai Curry (/ & Sesame Seeds on top)

Buffalo Bill (Star on top with Poppy Seeds)


Kangaroo (Kangaroo on top)

Emu (Australia Map on top)

Venison (Sesame & Poppy Seeds on top)

Crocodile (Crocodile on top)

Vegetarian (V & Sesame Seeds on top)

Tiger King Prawn (☾ with Poppy Seeds on top)

Sweet Chilli Chicken & Prawn (☾ with Sesame Seeds on top)





Reheating Instructions

Your fabulous Parker Pies have already been cooked so all you need to dodo is follow these simple instructions to enjoy a delicious meal for you and the whole family.

When you’re ready to reheat:

1. Pre-heat your oven to 170 degrees celcius.

2. When the oven has come to temperature, place the pies on an oven tray and make sure they are evenly spaced.

3. Reheat for 18-20 minutes until hot. (Please note that all ovens vary so reheating times will also vary).