Welcome To Parker Pies Rutherglen

Serving only the best since 1996. Love & Passion are OUR main Two ingrediants.

“A unique twist on an Australian classic” 

“Australias Greatest Pie Shop”

“Fred & Bernadette Parker have created a place to experience perfection on a plate”

"easy, effortless & enjoyable "

Escape the daily chore of cooking dinner and emerse yourself in our Ready To Bake Range. Make memories in your own HOME through YOUR favourite Parker Pie with your FAMILY.

Welcome to Australia’s Greatest Pie Shop

Parker Pies is a family owned business located in the heart of Victoria’s oldest wine region, Rutherglen in North East Victoria. 

Our traditional Pies and Gourmet Pastries are the freshest, most mouth – watering available in the WORLD.

Love, passion, blood, sweat & tears over the years has allowed us cultervate a product so pristine and delicious it will leave you wanting more. 
Resistance is useless really!

Make Your Own Memories

Parker Pies Rutherglen is a family owned and operated business which was established by Fred and Bernadette Parker in 1996. The business has grown considerably since then and now occupies a prime retail site in Rutherglen’s Main Street.


You can now enjoy a delicious Parker Pie anytime you want with our Bake at Home Range. Our Gourmet Pastries are snap frozen and wrapped in individual cryvac bags, ready for you to enjoy straight from the freezer whenever you like with family and friends.  Dreams do come true.

Why Choose Us

We began Parker Pies, baking in a humble space in Rutherglen, Victoria and have grown organically thanks to the faithful following of Australian pie lovers and coffee connoisseurs. Our pies have won over 200 prestigious awards in the Great Aussie Pie Competition held each year, and the feedback from our customers makes our passion for producing Australia’s Greatest Pies so rewarding.

Uses the Freshest and Local Ingedients

We always source the freshest ingredients and where possible fresh local ingredients.

Great staff and Genuine country hospitality

Parker Pies employs 17 local residents to staff a business that sells over 250,000 pies and pastries per year!

Producing a range of delicious, award-winning pies

All our pies can be purchased hot from our custom designed pie warmers or cold.

And of course, great coffee!

Parker Pies prides itself on the quality of its beans, espresso machine and the coffee we produce.